[linux-audio-user] Softsynth performance

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Tue Oct 14 13:23:31 EDT 2003

I haven't read this article yet, but try it, it may have something:

> Has anyone done any comparisions in terms of realtime performance of any
> of the softsynths.
> I was interested in seeing results of the following or possibley other
synths compared:
> csound
> pd
> sfront
> I was curious how well sfront performs because you can optimise that for
> your instruments to your processor. It seems rather interesting that the
> instruments get translated into c code that you then later compile with
> gcc. I know pd probably has a faster developement time similar to
> writing something in perl but is the execution performance the same as
> say sfront or csound?  What has better performance for real time stuff
> csound or sfront?
> Thanks,
> Jeremiah

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