[linux-audio-user] "Linux fx box how to" WAS: some thoughts about Linux audio software documentation

Burkhard Woelfel versuchsanstalt at gmx.de
Fri Aug 13 14:25:38 EDT 2004

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On Friday 13 August 2004 20:10, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Hi Russell:
>   This is where I beg off. I know nothing about setting up a wiki, but I
> think there are a few people on this list who do know how it's done.

Hi Dave, hi Russell:

There is one (among others, e.g. the ALSA wiki) at 


It's easy to create a new page. Have a look at this example url of an existing 


Just put a new page name instead of "Welcome" in the example - and there's 
your new page. Use the "edit" button to edit, "save" to create the page. 

> I have no idea what your best choice for formatting might be, though of
> course plain text is understood everywhere. But like I said, I don't
> know where to begin with setting up wikis.

Plain text looks good on a wiki. Just paste it. Markup description and other 
help is at 


It will be enough to have a look at an existing page though. Use the edit 
button, or even the preview function to find out about the basics. It's easy.

- - Burkhard

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