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Dylan audio at dylan.me.uk
Fri Aug 13 16:35:29 EDT 2004

On Friday 13 Aug 2004 20:02 pm, Erik Steffl wrote:
> Dylan wrote:
> > On Thursday 12 Aug 2004 20:43 pm, Erik Steffl wrote:
> >>Dylan wrote:
> >>>Hi List,
> >>>
> >>>This may be somewhat off topic, but I figure some of you may well
> >>>know the answer...
> >>>
> >>>I'm trying to set up an audio server to connect to my home stereo,
> >>>and have been looking for an app with the following features: web
> >>>based interface for playlisting, and playback through local sound
> >>>card.
> >>>
> >>>I've found plenty of options which provide streaming, but none
> >>>which play through the server's own sound system.
> >>
> >>   have client on the same machine.
> >
> > I don't want to stream the audio anywhere at all. Why on earth
> > should I have to install, configure and maintain a streaming server
> > and client when I can simply have the machine play the file
> > directly - less resources used, less to go wrong, less to worry
> > about.
>    you have to install, configure and maintain jukebox a player
> anyway, 

To my mind, the application which indexes and organises the media files 
need have nothing to do with the playing of said files, except that it 
needs to be able to call a player app.

> whether they communicate via network (streaming) or not is 
> not really a big issue... or a big difference in resources used.

I'm sorry, but I disagree. 

> Most 
> jukeboxes use external players anyway.

Good, I hope they are able to use a player of my choice.

> Or do you want jukebox with 
> built-in player?

Definitely not.

> Freeamp could possibly be used as jukebox (I found  
> it somewhat unstable but haven't used it for quite some time). Or
> xmms with some plugin (there are some plugins that offer better
> control than default playlist). And instead of web interface use X
> across network (or vnc if you want to be able to disconnect/reconnect
> from/to jukebox/player).

There's no X on this box - why should there be if it's headless?

If I was intending to have this server stream to clients on the network 
then, yes, configuring it to stream to itself would be appropriate. But 
I'm not - that introduces all sorts of timing and bandwidth issues. 


> 	erik

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