Status Update: Moving the Linux Sound HOWTO to WikiLearn: (was Re: [linux-audio-user] some thoughts about Linux audio software documentation)

Ruth A. Kramer rhkramer at
Sun Aug 15 10:45:49 EDT 2004

Intentionally top posting (for whatever reason):

I wanted to provide a status update:

   * I'm still reading / re-reading the the Linux Sound HOWTO itself and
trying to decide how to (possibly) organize it on a wiki.  I'm currently
hung up (in passing) on how to deal with the FAQs in section 6.  They
seem quite random in organization, should they be categorized somehow? 
How?  Or just each on an individual page with added  keywords to help
let Google index them "rationally"?  (The second is the way I'd lean --
much of the stuff on (or not yet on) WikiLearn is not intended to be
read in any sequential fashion but instead found via a Google search and
read "on demand".)

   * I also got hung up on the fact that the document is licensed under
the GFDL and certain requirements must be met to modify the document
(starting with using a different title -- "Use in the Title Page (and on
the covers, if any) a title distinct from that of the Document" -- thus
my tentative new title, "The Wikified Linux Sound HOWTO".).  

My (very) preliminary (and incomplete, and in at least one case
erroneous -- the document has the official license notice in section 1.4
and not what I originally considered the title page, so my consideration
of what constitutes the title page probably needs adjustment) musings
(and perhaps overzealous attempts to comply) can be viewed at  

Those musings lead me to the following tentative conclusions:

   * In some ways it would be easier to deal with original text than
something licensed under anything like the GFDL

   * Before putting the document on WikiLearn (except perhaps small
sections as experiments) I will contact Jeff Tranter and perhaps the FSF
for their input / suggestions.  

   * I don't really expect members of this mailing list to be intimately
interested in how to comply with the GFDL.  On the other hand, if
someone does want to publish a GFDL'd document on something like a wiki,
my musings may provide food for thought.

   * As may be obvious, I have not definitely decided to put this HOWTO
on WikiLearn (nor not to).  I'll be interested in feedback from others
and probably just give it a rest for a little (or long) while.

Randy Kramer 

Dave Phillips wrote:
>   I recommend drifting over to the LDP site at
> and checking out the Sound HOWTO. It's a basic document, probably
> distributed as a matter of course with every mainstream Linux distro. If
> it's too big a chore, just select a part you know you can handle. Then
> start in by correcting obvious errors and updating references. If new
> stuff should be added, add it whenever, but try to maintain a logical flow.
>   You might also consider some of the mini-HOWTOs that deal with sound.
> Look at the whole list at LDP's site.
> Best regards,
> dp
> Ruth A. Kramer wrote:
> >Dave Phillips wrote:
> >
> >
> >>This would make a good project for someone wanting to help out with
> >>general audio documentation. The forms are there, just the information
> >>is out of date. I don't know what would be involved wiki-izing these
> >>docs, but I truly think it's a good idea. However, where then should
> >>they be posted ?
> >>
> >>
> >
> >I'm willing to:
> >
> >   * convert one (not too large) Howto (or similar documentation) to a
> >wiki format (specifically TWiki) on sort of a trial basis, and
> >
> >   * I have a Wiki site (WikiLearn) where I can post the pages (and
> >others can also)
> >
> >Suggest a document that is not too big and is likely to garner enough
> >interest so that others read and correct it.  (Several suggestions are
> >welcome, and I'll pick either the one with the most "votes" or one that
> >seems fairly short and straightforward to convert.)

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