[linux-audio-user] Linux Audio Conference #2

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sun May 2 18:14:39 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I've just been virtually attending the conference and I'd just like to praise 
up Joern once more. It was great to be able to experience the lectures and 
hang out on IRC with everyone. This was an indispensable service and an 
enjoyable, even exciting experience. Thankyou.

On Wednesday 28 April 2004 13:44, Joern Nettingsmeier wrote:
> we have a number of very interesting presentations, all of which
> will be streamed out live, for the unlucky folks who can't be here in
> person. additionally, you will be able to download the presentation slides
> in advance should you wish to follow a lecture.
> there will be feedback  channels on IRC, operated by folks who are in the
> lecture rooms. they will relay questions from you to the live audience.
> if all goes well, webcams will upload still images every 30 seconds to
> give you an idea of the ambience and of which slide is currently up.

The areas for improvement are probably obvious and the advances in Linux 
Multimedia will more things possible in future. It's a great way of 
showcasing what Linux is capable of Multimedia-wise. A few specific comments 
just for information. The Kubus camers was positioned too far back to be able 
to recognise the speakers and the screens are not viewable as useful 
information despite the improved resolution from the Salem server. I wonder 
if it is not possible to stream the screenshots in future? - some 
presentations don't rely on pre-prepared slides and it's nice to see the 
software in action at the hands of its developers. Obviously video streaming 
would be fun, in practise I found that what I wanted was to be able to see 
the screen and the presenter clearly, everything else was ambience. Where 
people had pre-prepared presentations they were available on the Web. Frank 
Barknecht, Steve Harris and Joern Nettingsmeier have to be praised for the 
quality of information here.

It would be nice to have more human 'anchors' for the virtual attendees, the 
IRC presence was great, it would have been nice to extend this to audio too, 
it would help the whole thing hang together as a webcast better IMO.

At risk of horribly inflating his ego, I want to praise Joern again for his 
presentation about sound engineering. It's a rare talent to be able to 
explain complex technical information in a way that can be readily 
understood. In the hour that I caught I learned more about soundprocessing 
than I have for a long time and found my questions about compressors & 
limiters, which I've never properly understood, being answered one after 
another in rapid succession. (I think that's why no-one asked any questions, 
Joern ;-) I think I'll be making better sounding music from now on.

The whole has made me curious as to the possibilities of using musical 
programming languages. Particularly, hearing Frank and Fernando Pablo 
Lopez-Lezcano producing recognisable music using these techniques was 
particularly revealing. The concerts were maginficent, I'd like pointers to 
these other composers' websites for more info, downloadable music, hell, I'd 
even pay for CDs :-) If anyone knows.

For the virtual attendees it  would be nice to know what music was being 
played in between lectures also. Little personal opinion: I'd like it if it 
was all 'Made with Linux' music too :-0 Here, the proof of the pudding is 
very much in the listening.

All in all, fantastic Conference, many thanks to all who made it possible. I'm 
very inspired by what I've just experienced.


tim hall

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