[linux-audio-user] xrun madness

Joel White cv223 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 19 22:54:56 EDT 2004


Joel Roth suggested "simplifying" my xrun problem by recording with 
ecasound and see if I get xruns (rather than with jackd and ardour - 
thanks, Joel!).  I've built ecasound and am trying to get a simple 
multitrack recording happening, while monitoring at the same time.  I 
don't know much about ecasound, so here's what I've tried:

ecasound -r -b:256 -a:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 -f:16,8,48000 -i alsa,default \
-a:1 -o mono-1.wav \
-a:2 -o mono-2.wav -erc:2,1 \
-a:3 -o mono-3.wav -erc:3,1 \
-a:4 -o mono-4.wav -erc:4,1 \
-a:5 -o mono-5.wav -erc:5,1 \
-a:6 -o mono-6.wav -erc:6,1 \
-a:7 -o mono-7.wav -erc:7,1 \
-a:8 -o mono-8.wav -erc:8,1 \
-a:all -o alsa,default

I can hear the inputs, but the mono-*.wav files are essentially empty 
(44 bytes each).  If I remove the last line, the mono-*.wav files record 
ok.  But, of course, I can't hear it while recording.  Can anybody tell 
me what I'm doing wrong (I suspect it is something about opening 
alsa,default twice, but I don't really know).

I want to get this working with ALSA (if possible), then try it jack.  I 
will then see what happens with xruns at each step of increasing 



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