[linux-audio-user] buzz tracker

reubenf at sonic.net reubenf at sonic.net
Wed Oct 12 18:10:23 EDT 2005

It's OK, but it's more like Impulse Tracker than Buzz. (Impulse Tracker
was the best of breed of its kind; Buzz was a radical departure from the
traditional tracker. Buzz would better be called "Studio" than "Tracker",
since it allowed you to chain modules together in endlessly inventive
ways; e.g., if your CPU coped, you could have 9 reverbs in a chain feeding
off a chorus that was connected to a sawtooth synth.)

> Cheesetracker?
> On 10/12/05, reubenf at sonic.net <reubenf at sonic.net> wrote:
>> The only windows application I miss is buzz tracker
>> (www.buzzmachines.com). I know it is possible to run it under wine, but
>> I
>> have had very little luck using that method (IME it is slow, and the
>> sound
>> has latency problems.)
>> Instructions here: http://web.hibo.no/~mva/viewreview.php?id=706
>> Anyone had better experience using this method?
>> I know there was a project under development (called fuzz tracker) that
>> aimed to port the code to linux (actually, it would have been a rewrite,
>> since the original developer lost his source when his hard drive
>> crashed.
>> DOH!) But this seems to have disappeared.
>> Are there any buzz-like applications available for linux which are as
>> flexible as buzz is?
>> Cheers
>> Reuben

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