[linux-audio-user] Clicks/pops in recording

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sun Nov 12 04:52:48 EST 2006

On Saturday 11 November 2006 23:14, Chris Abbott was like:
> Chris Abbott wrote:
> > Just recently I recorded a live piano concerto. All of this was done
> > using an ART Pre-amp, a Soundphone(I believe is the brand) CD burner,
> > M-audio Omnistudio USB, and an iBook G4. Now, the pre-amp had a digital
> > out that went to the CD burner. The 1/4" outputs of the pre-amp went to
> > the M-audio which was connected to the ibook. Well, the burned CDs
> > turned at great(note-I had the digital sample rate set to 48Khz). I had
> > my Omnistudio set at 96Khz. Every so often in the recoding, you hear a
> > bit of pop, which to me seems like some other system resource got
> > priority. The only thing that occurred while recording was the display
> > going to sleep. The airport was off, and Ardour, X11, and JackPilot were
> > the only programs running. I'm curious as to what could have caused
> > this, how to fix it. The next time I do a recording with it, I will
> > probably have to drop the sample rate to 48Khz.
> I forget to mention that I was in OSX at the time all of this occurred.
> Unfortunately, Linux doesn't support the M-Audio Omnistudio USB that well.

Try asking on an OSX / Darwin Audio mailing list.
Unfortunately for you, the Linux Audio Users list doesn't provide support for 
Darwin based systems at all. Maybe worth asking at the GNU/Darwin project?

tim hall
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