[LAU] Re: That must suck. For me it's about beauty--musicisjustone path

Rob lau at kudla.org
Thu Apr 5 16:22:35 EDT 2007

On Thursday 05 April 2007 15:44, Brad Fuller wrote:
> In what human ear are you referring? And in what context
> and/or culture? 

I would imagine he's talking about his own culture, which would 
be what we broadly call "Western" and in which probably fewer 
than 1 percent of the population even knows what micro-tuning or 
alternative scales are.  I'd bet even most of that 1% would 
still think Wendy Carlos' "Beauty in the Beast" was not "the 
music of the perhaps not too distant future", but merely a 
poorly recorded and out-of-tune record.  (Speaking for myself, 
that whole record was the closest thing I've experienced to "the 
brown note".)  

As far as the other 80% of the world goes, that part of it who 
hasn't adopted the even-tempered scale due to not having radio 
and TV or whatever, I can't speak for Charles but I really don't 
think they're going to be listening to my music, and if they 
did, they probably would already have heard enough even-tempered 
music that they wouldn't mind.

I guess this whole thread is instant karma for me having 
contributed to off-topic threads in the past, 'cause it sure 
doesn't seem to have much to do with Linux or even computer 
audio anymore.


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