[LAU] Routing Audio Around A Network

Jim Eastman vitruvius at lethargicrecords.com
Thu Apr 12 10:11:16 EDT 2007


A friend of mine is having some issues moving audio around a network.
Me being not all that good at this stuff myself was at a loss as to
how to help him. I was hoping somebody here may be able to offer some


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Date: Apr 9, 2007 6:58 PM
Subject: Linux audio troubles.
To: vitruvius at notacon.org

I'm trying to move audio (from radios) between a desktop, which will
be on the roof, and my laptop, which will be in the consuite.  The
idea is to take a signal coming in the desktop's mic jack and make it
come out the laptop's speakers and vice versa.

A while back, I got this pretty much working (there was a bit of lag)
with something like

bunsen at laptop# nc -l -p 4242 > /dev/dsp
bunsen at desktop# nc -l -p 4243 > /dev/dsp
bunsen at desktop# nc laptop.example.tld 4242 < /dev/dsp
bunsen at laptop# nc desktop.example.tld 4243 < /dev/dsp

That worked with my Thinkpad T41 and an old small form factor K6/2-450
desktop, both running Ubuntu.  That desktop turned out to have some
flaky hardware, so I switched to an old, normal-sized Duron 850
machine running Debian.  Now when I try that, *wierd* shit happens.

I had the two machines next to each other, network cards wired
together.  I ran those commands, and started making sounds into the
laptop's microphone, while listening to headphones plugged into the
desktop.  I'd hear background noise, then a bit of whatever sound I'd
recently made near the mic, looped a few times, then back to
background noise.

I dunno if this has something to do with configuration, drivers,
hardware, or waving the dead chicken over the computer in the wrong
pattern.  If you know how to fix it, or know of a better way to move
that sound across the network, I'd appreciate the advice.


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