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Wed Apr 18 09:50:01 EDT 2007

after typing this up i realised it may come across as being harsh in
parts. that definitely isn't my intention. all of the songs are really
well done, and i'm just suggestion things that stand out to me.
sometimes i think i may be a bit blunt at times, but it is supposed to
be constructive criticism, not putting anything down. i actually really
enjoyed listening through all of them, and i can be extremely picky when
it comes to music, especially electronic music. well done! :) i hope
these help anyway...

just listened to the first few so far, just a few comments..

the piano sounds are really atmospheric, and really draw you in. the
'bass drum' detracts from this a bit slightly though, sounds too
artificial and lifeless, as well as a tad noisy. if the track were more
'rough and nasty' it might work, but i think it needs something more
subtle or organic.
the 'guitar' in arise sounds great, needs to have the bottom end
tightened up a fair bit, but apart from that, the track sounds
brilliant. could really turn into something great.resurrection needs a
more realistic and less distorted guitar(ish) sound though, and the
drums might need some variation when the pad sounds drop out more.
not a huge fan of blurry, sorry. just a taste thing though.
happy stars sounds nice, but i think the pad sounds needs to warm up a
bit (less top end, more low mids) to blend better with the other synth.
heavenly sounds awesome :) love the drum loop (might be my thom yorke
fan-ness though) :)
melancholic paranoid sounds really good, needs a bit more work with the
mixing, but thats about it.
beatronica sadness sounds great through headphones. might be a bit stark
on speakers, but i'm only guessing.
i like the changeover in fish, very effective.
not sure what i think of oriental, but the 'bass drum' again seems out
of place a bit. i think it is just too flat (dynamics wise) a sample or
rainbow drops would make a great build up to something.
i like 'shall we dance on the post-rock floor'. if it were me i'd make
it even 'darker' and more muffled, but thats a taste thing again, sounds
great how it is.
the intro in tribal and the rythm is brilliant. you should use the
djembe in more of the songs, i think the contrast between that and the 
electronic instruments is really effective.
didn't like the second version of it as much - a bit too processed. the
flange/phase on the djembe is interesting though.
walk along with my soul sounds great. i'd make the breath more noise a
tad more subtle and not change the volume levels of the voices so much,
but i think this might be my favourite.
bon voyage doesn't seem to meld the djembe and the electronics as well
as tribal and the rythm, but the voices/djembe sound great. the
electronics fit better once the voices start actually, it's only the
start that doesn't seem to fit quite right to me anyway.
i think the drums in sea call are trying to figure out if they want to
be more defined or more distorted. maybe trying to blend a clean/crisp
drum sound with that sound more distorted might give more of that
distortion sound but still retain definition (its quite a common
technique in electronic music especially to blend a number of drum
samples at once)
in the snow is interesting. definitely needs something else with it
though, but certainly shows promise
the intro to what have we done? is nice and atmospheric again. reminds
me of a black and white french film :) i think the 'choir' sounds need
to be changed to a much more organic sound (i know that's probably a
logistics thing though :) i didn't think i liked the bird sounds at
first, but i changed my mind - especially when the drum sound kicks in.
this french film sure looks interesting now... actually i'd love to hear
this with the choir sound replaced by just one girl's voice (doing the
same thing) that isn't quite perfect.. that would be really unsettling.

oh, it seems i got to the end of them, and i was only going to comment
on the first few :)

On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 18:09 -0400, julien bodd wrote:
> Hi all,
> Finally, I managed to put some tracks online !
> http://www.archive.org/details/TheTimelessClock
> Early stage for most of them, but I would like you guys to tell me
> which you like a little, a lot, or not at all.
> I'll probably continue to work on some of them.
> All music is made with linux only.
> Midi keyboard, mic (for voice and some djembe), freewheeling (for some
> of them rosegarden too), zynaddsubfx, dssi plugins, qsynth&soundfonts.
> Your comments are welcome !
> Julien
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