[LAU] A virtual LAU chillout band - is this clearer?

Frank Pirrone frankpirrone at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 11:17:00 EST 2007

Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 23:48 -0500, Rob wrote:
>> I always envisioned just having all the tracks out there, and having 
>> any contributor able to make a mix (in EDL form) from whichever 
>> source tracks he or she likes.
> This is the most viable format for open distribution.
> Have you thought of how to share an EDL between several people editing
> it at the same time on different PC's?
> Has anyone else thought of how to make this viable?
> Maybe it should just be a torrent that includes the project config file,
> audio files and lash config file? 
> That way people can distribute a complete session in one torrent. If we
> make a site for hosting the torrents then we don't have to deal with
> bandwidth issues.
> How about http://torrents.linuxaudio.org

Patrick and the Band!

I either didn't make myself clear enough or I'm not myself clear on the 
concept, but all that seemed to be necessary to explore this process is 
what I stated in my last message:

    * Song starts at a point in time with a designated originator's
      idea, perhaps the chap who raised this possibility.
    * He lays down a track on whatever instrument fits his
      conceptualization and playing skills.
    * A compressed file is uploaded to our server/repository along with
      a project file appropriate to our choice of application.
    * The relatively small group of participants downloads that track,
      which at a few megabytes and a limited number of downloads is no
      bandwidth problem at all.
    * Each downloader who comes up with something they like and feel is
      creditable simply uploads their compressed track.
    * Now there are two tracks on the server following the first upload.
    * Each track is aligned by virtue of the project file and will
      automatically register correctly in that application for everyone.
    * Tracks increase in number on the server, but only the new ones are
      downloaded - names with cat, instrument, and timestamp will make
      them clear enough.
    * People share two things as matters proceed - their impressions of
      the tracks being contributed, especially those duplicating a part,
      say background riffs, and also their impression of how the tune is
    * A fork is both uneventful and consequential to the process. 
      Anyone loving what they currently have in hand can simply leave it
      at that and take it from there.  Don't like my guitar part or
      playing?  Trash it and substitute yours.  Love it?  Okay, it's in.
    * To that last point, a call or even consensus can arise saying,
      "Awesome guys, that drum part is it- done, and so is the bass and
      the guitar.  Thanks, no more submissions needed on those tracks.:
    * That's cool, my lead got in.  Hmmm, I'm bored now.  Wait, I'll
      contribute a backing or harmony line vocal track.
    * Finally, when a call or even consensus arises saying, "Damn, that
      tune's a bitch.  Let's go with it." once agreement is established
      everyone uploads the higher quality tracks of the "winning" parts
      and things move on to the mixing and mastering stage.

We'll argue over how to do that part when that bridge comes to us!

Capiche?  Trash my idea if it deserves it, but just be kind...


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