[LAU] USB M-Audio Audiophile 2496

Andrew Lewis alewis at systemsfusion.com
Sat Oct 20 11:40:58 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Thx for the responses.

> Incidentally, i just checked on the m-audio website and the 2496 is
> about half the price of the USB unit. So why buy USB when it's not as
> good and more expensive!

Because I wanted an external card. ;)

> Anyway, I think, in recent 2.6 kernels/ALSA-CVS, a lot of work on
> getting this USB card to run was made, so if one is forced to use one,
> s/he might be more lucky now and should try the latest and greatest
> ALSA and follow the included documentation [1]. But still I would
> avoid to buy one if shopping for a new USB card.

Heh, Frank, you're a god, thx. :p I will try get a more bleeding edge setup running and see if I can't sort this out. Incidentally I had the same problem on my Gentoo machine and a fresh Ubuntu 7.10 install: in that dmesg showed some complaint about inconsistent number of interfaces/descriptors? I think the Behringer UCA202 would've been a much more sensible buy for me since it's much cheaper and suits my needs perfectly. Oh bother... ;)

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