[LAU] Time of music in a seqennser

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Wed Mar 12 18:15:57 EDT 2008

Guus schrieb:
> I am trying to make music on Linux for two weeks now.
> I am using LMMS
> I am also reading alot and but I can t find an answer to some questions.
> 1) If I want to make some music like Jean Michel Jarre did,
> Can i do this in LMMS or do I need aditional soft synths and or more
> plugins ?

Get Zynaddsubfx, Alsa modular synth and Specimen at least.

> LMMS seems to be very techno orientated ?

quite a bit but you can do other stuff with it also

> Something about time.
> Can LMMS play music like some Jazz, whih in time is 4/6 ? or 2/3 ?
> I think I can do everything as long as its even, but I wonder if I can
> play 2/3 and things like 7/8 and so on with a sequenser ? (not that I am
> any close to play this kind of complicated music yet)

You can compose music in every timing you wish to with any serious
seqencer and lmms is serious enough - it just defaults to 4/4 but this
can be changed (though the beat-module is 4/4 only, you can work with
different timings using the Piano-Roll editor.

> 3) Can I use vst plugins without wine ?

In a word: probably:


it is somwhat hard to install/setup in Ubuntu but should work OK with
some effort. Of course the VST-plugs need to be open source to be
rebuild as Linux .so-libs. Dlls  work with wine only.

good luck ;-)


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