[LAU] website open source media player

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Tue Sep 16 16:59:39 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 16:26:55 Rob wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 September 2008 15:42, guerrier wrote:
> > I use this media player
> > (http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=JW_FLV_Media_Player) on my
> > website;  it supports xspf playlists. it's comes with a cc license.
> It is a CC license, but it's CC-BY-NC-SA, meaning that if your forum uses
> ads or otherwise engages in commercial activity, you need to make some
> kind of arrangement for alternative licensing with the author.  I think I
> read somewhere that he'll do it for 20 euros, but I don't know if that's
> one-time or a subscription or what.
> There's also Dashplayer, which is CC-BY as far as I know, but it's part of
> the Drupal project and I don't know what's involved in using it with
> something else.

I wonder if freecast could be adapted for this purpose. It is not this exactly 
but I think it can do playlists so it may work for this application.



look down the page for the section: Encoder-Playlist Receiver
> Rob

all the best,


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