[LAU] ffado streaming mode

porl sheean porl42 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 05:31:45 EDT 2008

thanks for the reply Pieter.

after sending you the message i realised how stupid i waws regarding
jack. i was thinking that the latency had to be low so that the live
output wouldn't be too delayed, but completely forgot the whole point
of the 'input mix' part :P

you are of course right - i can set a high buffer in jack for any
recording and to just have the device streaming, but the input mix
should still be virtually 0 latency. i need someone to smack me in the
head :)

on a side note, i have in the past had trouble getting the input mix
to output anything (i could only get outputs from the pc channels, not
input mix), but i don't have the ability to test it right now so i
will assume i was just doing something else silly.


ps. what does the 'mixing/tracking' toggle do? i couldn't notice any
difference last time i checked.

pps. looking forward to getting a chance to test the new low latency
of ffado! :)

2008/9/25 Pieter Palmers <pieterp at joow.be>:
> porl sheean wrote:
>> a while ago i purchased a focusrite saffire pro 26io. it has finally
>> come to a point where it is quite reliably useful as an interface for
>> jack/ardour (the latency isn't brilliant, but i'm pretty sure that is
>> the fault of my firewire chipset).
> I fixed latency for ffado yesterday, and at least one person reports 3x32 as
> working for him. So if you have a good firewire chipset, you will also be
> able to achieve this. But maybe wait for beta7.
>> i found out recently that unfortunately, in order to get teh device
>> working as a basic 'summing mixer' for live work (i wanted to
>> essentially use it as a basic 8 in 1 out preamp to send to a small
>> desk at a venue) it needs to be set in 'streaming mode'. i can get
>> this working by starting jack and just leaving that running, but i was
>> wondering if anyone knew of an easier way (maybe one of ffado's
>> command line utilities? there seem to be a lot in there and i don't
>> know what half of them do). if not, would it be difficult to write a
>> small app that basically just 'turns on streaming'? or should i just
>> keep using jack? (i am hesitant to do this as i have still had a few
>> issues with dropouts, and as you can imagine at a live performance
>> this could be a problem).
> The fact that streaming has to be turned on is a design decision of
> Focusrite. We can't change that.
> I don't see why you wouldn't use jack. What's the point in using a separate
> application that basically does the same? Just run jack with a large period
> size, and you should be fine. Something along the lines of:
> jackd -R -d firewire -p2048 -n4
> should work fine. I've done multi-hour recordings with the pro26 at 3x1024
> without any problem whatsoever.
> Greets,
> Pieter
> PS: Most of the command line tools in the ffado repository are test or debug
> tools.

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