[LAU] Beatrix in the house

rosea grammostola rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 11:11:26 EST 2009

Robert Jonsson wrote:
>> Ok, the main problem is that is isn't GPL, I agree for 100%. But why is
>> there a beatrix website if he doesn't want anyone to use it? And why
>> offer an app which is not very useful atm? Isn't he 1) more concerned
>> about not using the code in other software or having different versions
>> of bea around the internet? Does he really care about 2) these little
>> fixes which makes it able to use the same app with jack? To me it sounds
>> like he is more concerned about the first...
> I talked to him several years ago, my impression was that his main
> concern was to keep control of the code base.
> Since his last update was a very long time ago his approach clearly
> isn't working. Beatrix must be considered dead at this time.
> If he cares about patches is definitely in the gray area and best
> would be to ask him.
> /Robert
Afaik, some guys here have tried to contact him a half year ago, but 
couldn't get contact with him...
I could be wrong though...


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