[LAU] OT: Phantom power and my acoustic guitar

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sun Jan 25 13:17:10 EST 2009

On Sunday 25 January 2009 18:38:21 Fons Adriaensen wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 01:28:32AM +0800, Ray Rashif wrote:
> > As long as it's balanced, there won't be any issue.
> That is *absolutely not true*. Any website that
> claims that you can safely connect a phantom
> powered mic input to any balanced output is
> providing very bad advice to its readers.
> It depends on *how* the preamp output is balanced.
> If it has a transformer to balance the output
> there will be no problem.
> If it is 'actively' or 'electronically' (!)
> balanced it depends on the if the designer
> has allowed for phantom power or not. In
> many cases the answer is *no*.

Unless the DI/Preamp gets its power from the phantom-power. Then the answer is 
actually "yes" :-)

Confusing... Rule of thumb: Try without first, if there is no sound, unplug, 
switch on the phantom power and plug it in again to see if that helps.

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