[LAU] Daemons, daemons...kill those daemons.

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Sun Jun 14 23:52:23 EDT 2009

> Many people (including me) are using KDE4 and it's very clean and user centric 

i found it overtly hostile to basic tasks, like finding a web browser in an app menu

plus it caused the boot-to-GUI proces to take 3 minutes

> no problem. Why do some people still have problem using an app just because 
> it's a QT or KDE app? I don't get that.

 because, at least on Gentoo, it requires compiling all of KDE and QT, which can be a multi-day affair (compare w/ 5 seconds for dwm, 10 mins for xorg, and 15 for webkit, a 'WebOS' system in a half hour)

then when you launch a KDElibs app, it launches 10 odd daemons, kdeserver, dcop, etcetc, sucking 200 MB of ram

> Messy? No way!

the hodgepodge of panels and default icons was certainly messy

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