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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Jun 28 10:18:08 EDT 2009

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jedd wrote:
> On Sun 2009-06-28, Ray Rashif wrote:

>> Ahh, I was just making sure I understood your requirement. There
>> isn't such an app, but it's a worthwhile project to look into for
>> anyone interested. Let me just check again, you want to be able to
>> pause a track which upon that action will continue to play back the
>> last sound it was playing?
>  Yup - that's pretty much it.  I've just been playing with sonic-
>  visualiser - looks like an astonishingly powerful bit of software, but
>  haven't quite got comfy with its interface yet.  Its note-detector is
>  about as effective as every other note detector I played with on
>  that other OS.
>  But yes - basically it'd be a very mini-loop - presumably you'd have
>  that customisable, but default in the range of somewhere under 0.1s


It's a piece of code that I use(d) for various sound experiments.
After being partly merged into openmovieeditor it got lost in some
drawer..  but it can do 'scrubbing' and I just rolled a new release.

  jplay2 -t -s -S 4800 <sound-file>

You can specify the scrub-loop-length in samples
(-S 4800 is 0.1s @ 48000)

With "-t" it plays sync to jack-transport. So you use qjackctl,
gjacktransport or even ardour, etc to control the play position and
play/pause the transport.

If you're looking for a graphical interface - try openmovieeditor with
JACK support. However the scrub-length there is not configurable.

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