[LAU] an interesting free album

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat May 30 08:26:27 EDT 2009


May I draw everybodys attention to Hunz' great pop album "Thoughts that 
move"? Although it's not directly related to linux audio, I feel there 
are enough reasons to mention it here:

1) It's a great album, great songs, great production, great vocals.

2) It's freely available for download: 

3) It's done *entirely* in renoise, a commercial tracker (49 euros) that 
has a native linux version, and a fully functional, non-expiring demo 
that has no show stopping restrictions.

4) It's also released as renoise files, which means that anyone into 
production in general and trackers in particular can see how this 
wonderful album is produced. Even if you're not using renoise you can 
grab the demo for free, load the files and learn hands on.

5) Since renoise is one of the few commercially available music 
applications for linux, it part of the ongoing and interesting (and 
important) discussion: "do we need/want/want to pay for" commercial 
software under linux.

6) It's an example of a production done entrirely in one program, 
something that I guess most linux users are not used to.

7) It's written, recorded and produced entirely in february, 2009 as 
part of the RPM challenge (that I know some people here have also 
participated in)

Sorry if anyone feels it's unfitting for mentioning it here. I'm in no 
way associated with the artist or renoise.com, although I'm a (new) 
renoise user.


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