[LAU] setting up a Behringer BCF2000 for use with ardour

David Adler david.jo.adler at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 00:04:14 EDT 2009

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 12:29 AM, uhoh <uhoh at cox.net> wrote:
> i've followed the online ardour manual section 10.2, but it isn't working.
> manual page shows the bcf showing up under MIDI in qjackctl Connect window,
> but for me it comes up under ALSA. i tried various combinations conncections
> to/from ardour from qjackctl but to no avail.
> i'm using debian lenny on amd64 with ardour compiled from source (since it's
> not in the debian distribution).
> i have the bcf2000 connected through usb and it's showing up fine
> in /proc/asound/cards.
> any help would be greatly appreciated.

In qjackctls setup window, select 'seq' as Midi driver in the drop-down
menu at the bottom left. Then all Alsa-Midi ports should appear under
Alsa as well as under Midi.

Not exactly sure, but I expect lennys qjackctl to be sufficiently up
to date to have that feature.

Some explanation of the two Midi systems:


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