[LAU] vorbis support in lame is deprecated

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Wed Apr 7 16:21:10 EDT 2010

Kevin Cosgrove wrote:

> I know my iAudio player plays OGG.  I forget whether it plays FLAC or 
> not.  It also plays MP3s, of course, and probably WMAs.  But, I've 
> not tried a WMA file on that player.
> --
> Kevin

I have an iAudio A3, one of the models with a hard-drive in, rather than 
flash-based. That definitely plays FLAC, which is how I've filled up an 
80GB drive with not a huge amount of music.

It plays OGG and MP3 as well, that I know of. I'm sure it can do several 
more but I got it for the native FLAC support and don't much care about 
other formats.


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