[LAU] DRILE: immersive live-looping environment using Jack, LV2, VAMP ...

Florent Berthaut florentberthaut at no-log.org
Fri Apr 9 06:40:35 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

A short email to explain why i haven't made any progress neither on 
Tapeutape nor on Tranches (and still not released planned new 
applications) in several months ,  just in case someone wonders ;)

I'm writing my phd thesis, which is partly about this:

It's an immersive environment for hierarchical live-looping (explained 
in the video).
All software runs on Gnu/Linux (ubuntu for the graphics, fedora/ccrma 
for the audio).
It uses Jack for audio output, Alsa to get the values of the input 
device (FSR sensors) , LV2 plugins for effects, and VAMP plugins for 
audio analysis.

I have three months paid at the end of the year to clean up the code, 
make it more user friendly, and usable without an expensive setup (so it 
will have OpenSoundControl input in addition to direct sensors input and 
also support for things like ARToolkit for cheap 6DOF tracking).
After that, it will be released on  http://tardigrade-inc.com

I'll be in Sydney , June 15th-18th , to present it for the NIME conference.
So if anyone from the list is there, i'll be happy to meet them and talk 
about linux audio stuff !

If you have any questions/suggestions , don't hesitate ;)



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