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Thu Apr 8 10:46:04 EDT 2010

studio I'd say forget everything below 50Hz. You know how filters work,
-3dB at cutoff and then it depends how steep the filter is, so if you
set it at 50Hz you'll still have some stuff below that.

Purely from what I remember I'd say you're playing with too low
frequencies. I think of bass at 100Hz+. Kick is a different story, it's
character is at way higher frequencies and its bass may not matter at

This is all very generalised, of course. I didn't play with the mixes at
all, just listening as I type. I don't even have anything set up to do a
proper level/volume matched A/B comparison and Montys mixes are far louder.

Hope it helps anyway.
Oh, and nice music ;)


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