[LAU] Some new music made (mostly) with Linux -- comments on mix?

Monty Montgomery xiphmont at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 20:36:18 EDT 2010

>> (I'll take the tracks down in a day or two.  Or immediately if Ken prefers.)
> Yeah, you can probably pull them now.

They're gone.

> So it turns out there were HUGE modes in THREE instruments in the 70-200Hz low mids. The main sound of the guitar was 180Hz! The fundamental of the kick is 80Hz and the bass has a huge booming resonant mode around 120Hz.

A mudbath :-)

> Here is a remixed Ginseng Strut with 120Hz hauled out of the bass, 80Hz hauled out of the kick, and around 180Hz hauled out of the guitar:
> http://lahar.s3.amazonaws.com/scratchmixes-basic/ginseng-A.ogg
> I'm trying to decide if I should go through all the tracks and do this EQ trick on these three instruments, or just fix it at the mastering stage.

You could play with limiting those frequencies in the intrument (with
a band or two of multiband compressor) instead of / in addition to EQ.

> Also, thanks for pointing me to postfix. I love it. TEN bands of compression instead of three, and I like the UI better than JAMIN (i.e. thresholds and meters in the same place). Bummer it doesn't do JACK, but I like the idea of doing mastering in batch mode after the mix stage anyway.

Many people have asked me to JACKify it.  It honestly needs alot of
other work too to be something I want to officially support.  But I do
at least try to keep if going for the people who already know about it
and want to keep using it.


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