[LAU] ~/.lv2/bundles/manifest.ttl No such file

Alex Norman alex at x37v.info
Tue Apr 13 01:15:06 EDT 2010

I just installed lv2core on my recent ubuntu install and then I built and
installed swh's lv2 plugins [from github], and when I run lv2_list I get this

librdf error URI file:///home/alex/.lv2/bundles/manifest.ttl - file
'/home/alex/.lv2/bundles/manifest.ttl' open failed - No such file or directory

I assume ~/.lv2/bundles/manifest.ttl is some list of all of the lv2 plugins I
have in that directory?  or?  How do I generate that file?

btw, I have version 1-0ubuntu1 of lv2core.


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