[LAU] digital voodoo: master fader should be set at 0db

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Thu Apr 15 14:22:15 EDT 2010

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 10:22:42AM +0100, Gwenhwyfaer wrote:

> Especially when it's so easy to posit an experiment to do such testing
> with DACs that can reproduce signals up to 192kHz. Simply generate,
> additively, some interesting spectra with and without frequency
> components above a person's established audibility threshold, and see
> if they can be ABX'd. (You'll want to ensure that your DAC isn't
> curtailing your frequency response prematurely, of course; you'll also
> want to ensure that your speakers can properly reproduce those
> frequencies, too, rather than only converting them into heat - which
> will certainly affect the tonal nature of the speaker's reproduction
> of audible frequencies... so decent crossover filtering for your
> woofers is probably advised too.)

And you need to be sure that your ADs, amps and speaker are
perfectly linear and don't produce products in the < 20 kHz
band when given ultrasonic signals only. For the speakers
that will be near to impossible.

There is at least one 'sound spotlight' system that uses
the nonlinear effects of air to produce audible sound at
the place where two narrow ultrasonic beams cross. IIRC
one of the installations in the ZKM lobby (the one with
the spotlight following a random visitor) uses such a 
system. It requires insanely high levels. 



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