[LAU] Need help salvaging a recording

Shani Hadiyanto Pribadi shanipribadi at gmx.net
Sun Apr 18 21:15:13 UTC 2010

> Try using sndfile-convert (in the sndfile-programs package in
> Debian/Ubuntu) to conver the file to a format which allows
> files larger than 4G. Try:
>    sndfile-convert  large-file.wav large-file.w64
> Let me know if that doesn't work.
> Erik
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> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Erik de Castro Lopo
> http://www.mega-nerd.com/

Nope, unfortunately it didn't work.

Here's the output of sndfile-info on the wav and the resultant w64


The resultant w64 length is only 20 minutes, just the same as the one
that is able to be read from the wave file.
What happens if a wav file has a size larger than 4G?  Does it stop
writing any audio data? Or the audio data is there,
but can not be read because of the header length is insufficient? But
why is the error start after only 20 minutes of audio,
shouldn't it worked for the first 4G?

I saved the recordings as wavex because I thought wavex support file
size  more than 4GiB.
Speaking of file formats, do you have any recommendations for file
format for recording?
My choice is between w64, caf, or sun/next au. I heard au is more
primitive, but is chunk-less,
and that gives it some advantage over the others, though i don't
understand what kind of advantage it has.
w64 has more support in the windows world, which is what my friends
using, but I can always bounce to a different format later.
I'm  not sure what caf has to offer though, I don't understand the
technical terms.

Here's a blog where I read it about

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