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Mon Jul 26 15:51:04 UTC 2010


I recently bought a BOSS ME-25, whichhas usb, but it did not work 
(Ubuntu Lucid linux-rt-2.6.31)

Searching through the archives, I found the usbquirks.h patch for the 
BOSS GT-10, which also seems to apply to the ME-25 given the proper usb 
id. The device shows up as audio interface, I can record from it and 
send output to it (and hear it from the device's headphone), but I'm 
also able to access the midi part using ME-25 Edit 
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/me-edit/) querying the builtin settings.

The only thing I cannot do is change the volume levels (the headphone is 
really loud), fiddled around with ALSA softvol, but haven't yet found 
figured that out.

I've attached a patch for usbquirks.h, though it's just a copy of the 
GT-10 patch.

Not sure about the procedure to get this into the kernel either, just 
thought I'd share it.

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