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Rustom Mody rustompmody at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 05:39:44 UTC 2010

Wooooo -- I am getting real reviews and I am not a real musician!!

Actually I was asking about technical questions like the movie, the
software used for making it -- settings and interactions etc etc but
now that you folks are talking about the music (which is after all the
ultimate intent -- just that I forgot) maybe I give a little context
and my intentions.

This Gurdjieff-music is not meant for hearing but for 'sacred
movements' see for example:


wherein the intention is not primarily the music or the 'beauty' but
making the head and the two arms move independently of each other and
in unison with other participants.

At least thats the intention of its creators Gurdjieff and de Hartmann
as I understand it.

My own intentions are slightly different in that I want to see how far
music that is not normally sung can be sung in 2,3,4 parts.  I dont
restrict myself to Gurdjieff music for this -- Bach, Beethoven, early
church is all good in its own way.
I grew up with Tovey's commentaries on Beethoven sonatas in which
regarding the coda of the Hammerklavier fugue he says -- remember this
is not 2 fists but 3 voices uniting.

Even good musicians are surprised at how singable Beethoven's appasionata. See

score: https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B3gsacOF56PxMTk2NjkyMmMtYjE0MC00MzRiLTk0MjctMjQ5OWY1YWE2ZmRi&hl=en&authkey=COjVn4QB

audio: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B3gsacOF56PxOGY5Y2JkOTMtZjdlZC00MWVjLTkxOWQtZjRlYzBkYzk5NjFh&hl=en&authkey=CO_Y-5gI

Zipping the audio and video is some work -- will do it if someone wants.

The original is thus:

My contention is that Beethoven was actually hearing 4 voices and
rendering (poorly) for two fists.

> I thought it got a little melodically and rhythmically dull during the middle.


> I wonder if a change of organ stops partway through would add focus.

Yes of course but Ive to figure out timidity, soundfonts, jack and
God-knows what else to get there.  Higher priority for me is to
convince timidity to play in non-equal temperaments

In short: This is not intended primarily to be music for listening but
a prop for people trying to sing.


PS Wont be on the net for a few days -- anyway thanks all for seeing/listening

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