[LAU] [Jack-Devel] zombification behaviour...

hermann brummer- at web.de
Thu Nov 18 20:12:14 UTC 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 18.11.2010, 22:50 +0300 schrieb alex stone:
> Torben, a few questions.
> 1. Is the uncertainty over knowing which client is the offender a
> result of the client's jack code being less than optimal? (no offence
> to coders)
> 2.) Can jack, if advisable, take a bit of extra code to more clearly
> define which client is the offender?

Jack apps could/need measure there own needed time per circle and
forward this information to jack if jack ask for it, may when CPU load
become to heavy, to give jack the possibility to decide witch one is the
> 3.) Would a more robust client ID system solve the challenge of jack
> knowing 100% which client is the offender? i.e. Ardour is 001,
> jconvolver is 002, etc...... (I imply with this a central list at
> jackaudio. org, where jack capable clients are listed, and any coder
> that builds a jack app "officially" registers their app, and gets an
> app specific ID.)
> These questions are based on jack1, which i use.
> Alex.

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