[LAU] [ANN] seq24 0.9.2 released

Guido Scholz guido.scholz at bayernline.de
Sun Nov 28 09:29:56 UTC 2010

Dear seq24 users,
a new seq24 release is out published by the Seq24team.


This release fixes a few bugs and provides some new features which
mainly extend session functionality; for details please have a look
at the news list below.  All users should upgrade to 0.9.2.

Please find source tarballs on the download page:


For ready made packages Ubuntu users may refer to my PPA:


seq24-0.9.2 (2010-11-27)

Fixed Bugs
  * Fix tooltip usage for older GTK versions (GTK_MINOR_VERSION < 12)
  * Fix sched_param memory leaks
  * Fix doubled key event for screen set name line

New Features
  * Add support for jack session, patch provided by Torben Hohn
  * Add interrupt handler for SIGUSR1 to enable LADISH level 1 support
  * Add interrupt handler for SIGINT to ask for unsaved file changes
  * Remove "-f" command line option to be replaced by a simple <filename>
    argument (see "seq24 --help" for more information)

General Changes
  * Add mnemonics for bottom line widgets in main window and label for
    screen set name edit line
  * Add missing command line parameters to help message, display short
    options as well
  * Add command line option for program version
  * Add missing command line parameters to man page
  * Remove complaints about file read error if configuration files do not
  * Cleanup configure.in: remove unused variables, harmonize option
  * Some code cleanups


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