[LAU] New floss made album released, Garage Orchestra! - The decison of Don Rodrigo

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 7 20:54:22 UTC 2011


I would like to report what seems to be a strong case of censorship from either the youtube user who posted the video or maybe google-youtube itself.
I posted a comment today expressing my opinion. It was a very negative one, as strong as an opinion like the one in the message quoted below (sorry, I am top-posting here).

My comment was:

"your music sucks real bad. You have the technical means to produce something, so why don't you use them to create good music ?"

Yes, it is harsh but perfectly valid. As valid as "your music is fucking good! Why don't you go on and make some more ?"

The spectrum of opinions is vast and does not have to be biased toward one end only. Why has my comment disappeared ? And most of all, why can't I log in any longer on youtube-google under my usual nickname ? This looks hardly like a technical error but a deliberate attempt at muting voices going against the consensus. 

I find the music of this band totally tasteless, regardless of the production quality. If you post the fruit of your efforts on a public space, it is because you want to expose it to the opinion of many people. You should therefore expect some opinions like mine as much as those of fans of your stuff.

Please tell me this is a misunderstanding. If not, then it is confirmed: the internet is already dead.


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Sounds real good!
Thank you so much! :)

Giorgio Baù
Sound engineer

T.Rex Studio

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