[LAU] [A little OT] MeeBlip -- open source synthesiser

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Fri Jan 14 14:36:07 UTC 2011

Hello everyone

Whilst looking at NAMM-related music news yesterday, I stumbled across 
something that I thought might be of interest to some people here -- I 
don't think it's been mentioned before, apologies if it has.


"What is it?

"MeeBlip is a hackable, affordable digital synthesizer, made for 
accessible sound and hands-on control. It can be someone’s first synth. 
It can be a unique-sounding addition to your music setup, playable with 
MIDI hardware and software. It can be a synth you open up and modify, 
learning about sound creation, code, and electronics. Or it can be the 
basis of new projects and ideas.

"* Out of the box, a monophonic virtual analog synth.
  * Eight user-definable knobs and sixteen slide switches, for hands-on
    control with the immediacy of a classic monosynth.
  * Tasty digital synth sounds."

And the bit that I thought might be very tempting to some:

"* Use it as-is, or use the source code to remap controls or completely
    redefine the instrument’s architecture."

The no-soldering-required, push together kit is $129 and there's a kit 
which does require soldering for $79. Schematics are on the website and 
code on gitorious.org.

I've got virtually all of my synthesis needs covered already (mostly 
analogue with a bit of VA), plus I'm no programmer and not into 
circuit-bending or electronics. I'm still kinda tempted though -- good 
job I'm broke! But I thought others here might find it interesting.

Kind regards


A musical collaborator: "Lethargy, hm really? Then it will be time for 
me to get over there and just accidental idea the $h!t out of you"

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