[LAU] LV2, DSSI and the future of plugins

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Fri Jan 14 14:54:02 UTC 2011

I agree that the chances of Steinberg supporting LV2 are slim to nothing -
there is absolutely no need or demand for them to do so right now at least.

Renoise supports LV2 under Windows does it? I know Renoise is about the most
respected tracker available today and its certainly a start but we'd really
need to see LV2 support appearing in more conventional DAWs- renoise being a
kinda halfway house between something like Cubase and Csound it doesn't have
mass appeal to the point n' click brigade of which I'm largely a member of
when it comes to music apps.

It does seem that LV2 is winning in mind-share and support on this list and
that DSSI has largely been dismissed as an also ran now. I neglected to
mention native VSTs in my original post. I'm aware qtractor supports these
but I'm not really interested in qtractor until TYOQTA event/release
actually happens- I did have a quick go at getting the TAL VSTs working
under Dreamstudio's qtractor a while back but had no luck and didn't bother
pursuing it any further. Besides, I've just been searching my mail when I
quizzed Rui about the native VST support and he mentioned a problem or two
that I can't quite recall now that I presume still exists?

If we can get native VSTs working reliably under qtractor and hopefully A3 (
http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=3278 ) then that'd be fantastic and
would certainly open the floodgates to many more good plugins, free or
otherwise. It was good to get some feedback from linuxdsp and I would expect
there'll be more demand for such products when A3 gets released and qtractor
matures to the point of being able to cater for a wider audience.

I personally see ladish and JS a stop-gap measures until we have a decent
collection of LV2 plugins- they ease what was a very tedious and complex
procedure but they're essentially solutions for a problem we hopefully won't
have in a few years. They are certainly a huge boon for people who want to
use the current linux synth offerings - none of which are planning LV2 ports
sadly AFAIK.

Multiple dozens of VSTs ported to LV2? Where? I think I can count the VST to
LV2 ports on one hand so far but none of them really grabbed my interest.

Led Zep 'electronic music'?? Erm, no.
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