[LAU] LV2, DSSI and the future of plugins

Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 15:21:01 UTC 2011

Hey, Hartmut!

"While I do not remember the words exactly by now I am absolutely positive
about the term "electronic music" in that book."

These are just terms. As pointed out in the article: "Since words "acoustic"
and "electronic" are very broad, I am offering a definition of what I mean
in the context of my Linux Audio articles." Obviously, I am not giving
general definitions of acoustic and electronic music. Within my definitions
Led Zeppelin are definitely acoustic.

"So while you say: "a better delay for Linux is a must-have!" I tend to say
such a plugin would be a nice-to-have."

So this is exactly my point. In my line of work a good delay is one of the
must haves, just as a good reverb. In your line of work it is just a nice to
have. This is exactly what I am saying. In a lot of electronic music time
effects such as delay and reverb are essential. And this is why many DAWs
have them by default and they are usually very well built. Take a look at FL
Studio and their Fruity Delay 2, Fruity Delay Bank and Fruity Reeverb. This
is really good stuff that comes by default.

"But there is a difference between inconvenient and impossible."

I also thought that there is. However, my experience shows that if something
is very inconvenient, you can do it one time, maybe two times, then you
understand that it is too much work to set up. A good example would be my
modular experience, which I did praise in this article (
but which is such a fundamental experience, that I really have to dive into
it for the whole day in order to get even simple things done. Truth is, I do
not have the time for this as music is not my job and I cannot spend hours
just to synchronize several drum lines and find workarounds for various

So in a practical sense, the difference between inconvenient and impossible
is not that big. Also, remember that this is not the 80s and not the 90s
where you had what you had - today you know that your friend, using Windows,
can accomplish what you work on for hours in several minutes time and it
might even sound better.


Louigi Verona
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