[LAU] [Music] Prog/synth/atmospheric/IDK: Vale Fanfare

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Wed Jan 19 16:12:52 UTC 2011

Hello everyone

I must admit, I hesitate to post this as it's really all a bit of 
something and nothing, with the emphasis on the nothing.

The basic idea came to me last year when I was noodling around on a new 
bit of gear and I thought that with a little work it would make a nice, 
short, insubstantial bridging section between two major parts of a piece 
I'm working on.

I've now got around to that "bit of work" so in some ways it's an epic 
fail, because it sucked up a substantial amount of time and effort to 
get right :-)

On the other hand, I still think it's not really much of anything, which 
is why I hesitated about posting it. But as it can almost stand on it's 
own outside of the context it was intended for, what the hell... publish 
and be damned, or ignored, or something.

I do prog rock, so I suppose that's what this is, but it's also quite 
synthy and a little bit atmospheric and definitely part of the IDK 
genre, because I don't know what the hell it is :-D

It's called Vale Fanfare and is a miniscule 1.55 short:

FLAC (11.3 MB): http://www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Vale-Fanfare_17-01-11.flac

OGG 10 (5.0 MB):

MP3 320 kbps (4.4 MB):

I just did a bit of light limiting on the mixdown to raise the overall 
level, but other than that there's no post-processing/"mastering".

All recorded and mixed in Ardour with lots of lovely LV2 and Ladspa 
plugins, a tiny bit of midi-programming in Rosegarden, Wine/wine-asio 
for non-native VSTi's, a few bits of hardware and Fantasia/JSampler for 
divers alarums and excursions.



PS And thanks to an anonymous friend for comments and a couple of little 
ideas which made a difference.

A musical collaborator: "Lethargy, hm really? Then it will be time for 
me to get over there and just accidental idea the $h!t out of you"

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