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I don't think Paul said anything wrong or offensive at all and indeed he was
asking the exact questions I had and went to your irc channel to have
answered and indeed many others will be wondering about. Its already been
alluded to but to end the mystery and speculation OOM2 is based upon Muse
2.0 for anyone else wondering where this sizeable app has suddenly appeared
from. I totally agree with Paul thats its expected that people name their
sources for forked projects and so it did seem very strange you omitted this
from the announcement and so if Paul didn't ask the question here then
somebody else would've- I know I was going to do just that but I took the
irc route instead. If Werner is fine with you not mentioning/crediting Muse
in relation to OOM2 then there is no problem here but Paul nor anyone else
on this list could've been expected to know that.


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>> good grief!
>> i never said you were bad people. i have a lot of respect for you and
>> chris. i was just puzzled and bit bothered that you would fork Muse
>> and announce OOM2 without anything that notified people of that
>> relationship. If you had forked *any* existing project of that size,
>> for *any* purpose, I would have thought it would be common, normal
>> practice to do make that link so that people (users, developers,
>> supporters etc.) could make that link too.
>> apparently, you feel otherwise. that's fine, just a little odd for
>> most open source projects, that's all.
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> Possibly you want to choose your words more carefully.
> I have worked my but off for the last month. My head is burning from no
> sleep. My team is worn down from no sleep and it all started with Ardour
> falling apart in our studios.
> As I said there would be no oom2 if not for Ardour coming down around us.
> Sad I had to say this publicly, however you picked the location.
> You have no place to try to do such damage.
> Have a nice day.
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