[LAU] OT - impulse response recording

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Fri Jan 28 10:00:45 UTC 2011

Hello Michal!
   A starter gun is/was used often, but isn't the best of ideas, if you can 
help it. The energie in all the different frequency bands of the reverb is too 
low. If your friend is willing to use Aliki, then she'll have a frequency 
sweep done with a sine wave. Of course for that, she'd also need a speaker or 
two to let that blare through the space. Nice thing about it: The speaker 
doesn't have to be top quality, it can distort a little without damaging the 
resulting IR.
   As to microphones: Not aexactly sure, but there are mics preferred for 
ambient recordings. Otherwise I'd say every mic, that can pick a good deal of 
frequencies with a relatively flat response. Not sure about the 
characteristic. I suppose something not to narrow angled.
   I hope, that at least has helped a bit.
   Kindly yours

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