[LAU] need help in san francisco

pshirkey at boosthardware.com pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Jun 27 12:29:59 UTC 2011

>     any body willing to help me out in san francisco?
> the project is to set up a recording and sequencing
> system for scratch (semi-pro-quality) recording.
>     i'm an out of work musician but none-the-less
> willing to pay money.
> problems include:
> * determine the right computer to buy
>     for example: buy a tower or a laptop or both? if a
>     tower, what expansion cards to buy?
> * determine what software to use
> * determine i/o and other hardware
> * how to drive a roland X10, other roland digital
>   keyboard?
>     what other external hardware to buy? drum machine?
>     other music instrument hardware? (i like having
>     instrument voices in external hardware so's not to
>     burden the CPU of the computer running recording or
>     sequencing software.)
> * use existing pro-tools recordings on the new linux
>   system
> hopefully,
> jim
> PS: music store people i've talked to have no clue about
> linux stuff.
> i have read reviews and other online info and cannot find
> what i need: specifics to put a small, basic system
> together (what CPU speed, RAM, storage... to buy; is there
> reasonably good quality recording or sound generation or
> audio playback stuff in expansion card form that works
> with linux; are there necessary drivers or libraries that
> are not obvious to someone new to setting up these systems;
> what are the solutions to problems that typically come
> with the specific hardware and software components...?).

Hi Jim,

You can do amazing things with an eeepc. So in terms of hardware anything
new will be powerful enough to achieve something useful. I personally use
a 4 core cpu with 8 GB RAM and that has enough power to do everything I
throw at it.

You will need to use JACK and depending on the distribution you choose you
may need to enable third party repos (CCRMA) to get access to all the
latest and greatest tools. Alot of people speak highly of AVLinux


There is also indamixx: http://indamixx.com

Hope this helps.


Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd

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