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>>> On 02/26/2012 09:52 AM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
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>>>> What Debian should we install, to get a working system?
>>>> Go with stable if you use NVIDIA, you are an idiot if you use
>>>> use Intel and install Debian, but not stable :D???
>>> http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html
>> Hi Robin :)
>> users still need to venture a guess what to take from what repo to get
>> their hardware working with Debian. Debian didn't like my PS/2 mouse. I
>> bought a USB mouse and everything was ok. Some upgrades later Debian
>> didn't like my PS/2 keyboard and my USB mouse anymore. I only had X from
>> stable installed, to keep the nv driver and everything else was from
>> testing.
>> Now there's the suggestion to compile the nv driver from git, anyway,
>> there's no Debian that is really stable. If you get some Intel graphics
>> you need testing, if you get some NVIDIA graphics, you need stable.
>> Btw. it's vague that the mouse and keyboard issues were related to my X
>> settings, since they already started with a vanilla install of Debian
>> stable.
>> For me it was easier to switch the distro, other users millage may vary.
>> I don't like this policy of Debian and Debian derivatives. For current
>> Ubuntu Oneiric, I don't have audio output for my RME card. It's not
>> "just" that pulseaudio issue.
>> I don't experience such issues for basic hardware using current Arch
>> Linux or older Debian and Debian derivatives. Of cause, today, right
>> now, I try to get USB WiFi ad-hoc working for the sextillionth time,
>> since their seems a drivers available, to get the iPads MIDI by WiFi
>> working with Linux. Here Debian "knows" the USB adapter by default, Arch
>                             ^^^^^^ Debian derivative Ubuntu, at the
> moment there's no Debian on my machine
>> Linux doesn't, still not working even for Debian, but this isn't
>> something "basic" such as the graphics, keyboard and mouse are.

Outside of issues with the lack of stable, working NVidia drivers for my 
older desktop hardware, Debian hasn't had any problems with my PS/2 mice 
or keyboards, running through a KVM switch so I can use both on my 
laptops which have only one PS/2 port, and are connected to the laptops 
via a 2-port PS/2-to-USB adapter.

The way to use Sid as a stable Debian is to use Aptosid (they do a good 
job of screening out ill-behaved packages) and only update apps you use 
when you want to update to get a feature. Rosegarden has a key bug fix 
in 11.11.42 very important to my needs, and Debian Stable doesn't have it.

I avoid Ubuntu. Every time I've tried to upgrade from one Ubuntu to 
another, I've gotten a hosed system. And Canonical is getting weirder 
and weirder. I fully expect there will eventually be a Canonical Linux 
distro that is so different from its Debian roots that they'll 
effectively be incompatible.

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