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Alan Russell ajrussellaudio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 14:42:23 UTC 2012

Hi Renato,

Chorus FX have a pretty simple algorithm; a single delay line with its time
modulated by an LFO between about 5ms and 50ms. Any slower than this, and
I'd call it phasing. That should be very easy to implement with SC/Pd as
well, and definitely in AMS (I've still to check out Ingen). Ensemble
Chorus units I think would expand on this by just increasing the number of
delay lines and LFOs.

I think, though, you're more interested in simulating the sound of a real
"choir" of whatever instrument you're plugging through the effect, with
different voices singing the same tune, or harmonising, and the subtly
different qualities of the "voices" adding to the texture of the whole.
Sounds interesting!

I think pitch shifters are going to have to come into it. Not just for
harmony parts (though I'd stick to octaves and fifths or it would get a bit
weird, musically), but also for things like pitching a line +12 then -12
for a bit of subtle difference (no pitch-shift algorithm is perfect). I'd
try things like using a short but 100% wet reverb to add to the texture. I
guess the key would be to keep it sounding as natural as possible, but it's
definitely do-able with a decent modular system and a bunch of time/pitch
effect modules.

Alan Russell
ajrussellaudio at gmail.com

On 12 January 2012 14:16, Julien Claassen <julien at mail.upb.de> wrote:

> Hi Renato!
>  There is a very easy solution withmore or less acceptable results. That's
> the LADSPA multivoice chorus. I think it's in the SWH or even CMT suite.
>  From that easy solution you can move up slowly. Load a couple of tracks
> in whatever host you like (ardour, ams...) spread them in the stereo
> panorama and then:
> 1. slightly shift them in time (delay)
> 2. get them out of phase
> 3. Use a pitch-shifter plugin for detuen
> 4. Try chorus effects(?)
> 5. Try the TAP doubler or similar
>  The best results are still achieved if you play the instruments a couple
> of times. Where hydrogen is concerned: Best try to get in some live
> performance or use some randomness to vary the samples used and the exact
> location of the drum shots... Introduce randmoness or change to ass many
> parameters as possible, especially if your drums only have one layer of
> samples!
>  With something like a guitar is naturally best to really play it twice,
> for the guitar is alive. At least go for twice or thrice, with that and
> some stereo spreadng you can already achieve good effects.
>  I hope this helps. If you need some specific plugin references let me
> know and I'll hunt them down.
>  Warmly yours
>          Julien
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