[LAU] Tempo syncing Loomer Sequent

Heikki Ketoharju heikki.ketoharju at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 07:28:21 UTC 2012

Hi, list!

I tested Loomer Sequent demo, and it looked quite a nice piece of
software. Is there any Sequent users on the list to answer my

I want to use it on live situation and of course want it to syncronize
with current tempo when needed. How this can be done? Does it support
Jack Transport? (I think it doesn't but maybe I'm wrong?) I succeeded
to sync it with JOST's global tempo, so at least it can take the host
tempo. I tried also with Qtractor, but didn't work. Does Qtractor send
the tempo information to Linux VST plugins? I have version 0.5.1

I'd like to sync Sequent with Jack Transport or alternatively midi
clock received from another laptop running Ableton, so I guess I would
need a plugin host that could receive tempo either from midi or from
Jack Transport and emit it to the Sequent. Does Ardour support sending
tempo information to Linux VST plugins? I know Ardour has a quite
stable Jack Transport support, and I have used it as a live mixer

Heikki Ketoharju


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