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On Friday, January 20, 2012 02:16:14 PM david did opine:

> On 01/20/2012 07:03 AM, gene heskett wrote:
> > On Friday, January 20, 2012 11:17:28 AM Rustom Mody did opine:
> >> On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 6:35 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine<
> > 
> > [...]
> > 
> >>> If you are musician in the first place, then it's a matter of what
> >>> works best for you. If you are geek in the first place, then there's
> >>> no way you will abandon free software, so what's the problem? :)
> > :
> > :-)
> > :
> >>> We are talking about competition which is a natural thing.
> >>> Rosegarden can lose users to MusE or Qtractor. Qtractor can lose
> >>> users to Ardour. It happens all the time. Can you see any of the
> >>> developers crying, because they are all alone? :)
> > 
> > Nope, its good that there is a plethora of ways to approach audio on a
> > linux system.
> > 
> >>> Alexandre Prokoudine
> >>> http://libregraphicsworld.org
> >> 
> >> Some may like to see this:
> >> http://apcmag.com/linux-now-75-corporate.htm
> >> [And some may not :-) ]
> > Heck, at the tv station where I was the CE for nearly 20 years, a
> > stock 1200 and a Supergen (genlock kit) did all of our station ID
> > graphics for nearly 10 years.  Only taken down when we converted to
> > digital.
> The Video Toaster?

Not on that machine, but we did have 2 of those.  We at one time had 6 of 
the amiga's, one of which was the server machine for the news pages on our 
web site, running software I wrote in arrex to pull the stories from the 
news depts AP server and format them into acceptable html you could read 
online 5 minutes after the newscast itself opened.  I think we were first 
in the country to do that.  CBS at first didn't like that, but soon saw 
that it was going to be the way things were and ceased the thinly veiled 
legal threats.

The toasters were not terribly dependable though, they had a habit of 
blowing an internal supply trace & they always came back from NewTek with 
jumper wires from an exposed via to another to bypass the blown trace.  
Suffice to say they were power hungry & ran hotter than was good for them.

I actually have the only a4k we had that had both a toaster, a Kitchen Sync 
and a 68060 cpu in it with 16 megs of ram.  But in the digital changeover, 
its psu, a pc type I had cobbled up externally because the psu had failed 
and its space wound up being occupied by 2 more hard drives and a big 
honking fan, and somewhere in the rampage the books and the psu 
disappeared.  If I could locate another A4k manual with schematics I could 
reinvent that wheel again, but I'd have to jury rig a vga convertor on it 
now since there are no ntsc speed monitors left in the wild today.  FWIW, 
the convertor is being made by lots of folks in the video game business, 
they put a nice shiny lcd monitor in the box with their 25 year old shoot-
em-up & its a brand new cash cow.  The board, from Jammesoft IIRC, sells 
for about a 50 dollar bill.  I have a spare because I used one on my TRS-80 
Color Computer 3 for about a year until one of the guys on the coco list 
built an even better one.
Cheers, Gene
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