[Consortium] Re: Linuxaudio.org consortium launch

Stephan M.Bernsee smb at dspdimension.com
Tue Apr 6 04:40:01 EDT 2004

Hi Daniel,

there are quite a few solutions for musically monophonic sounds out 
there that work very well indeed. It's the complete mix of instruments 
that gives them a hard time, which is exactly where ClearScale comes 
in: it is intended for both musically monophonic and polyphonic 
material, the goal being artifact free (or at least sonically pleasing) 
time and pitch changing over at least one octave, or changing the 
length by a factor 2 in both directions.

Additionally, formant correction is planned which avoids the common 
"munchkinization syndrome" (Mickey-Mouse-Effect) when changing the 


Am 06.04.2004 um 10:34 schrieb Daniel James:

>> There are a few Open
>> Source solutions around. I no experience using them
>> but I suspect they don't compare with the design goals
>> of ClearScale.
> Comparing the Audacity effect with the ClearScale example at:
> http://www.clearscale.org/html/results.html
> yields an obvious improvement. However, I've used the Audacity
> timestretching tool on less complex material with good results, such
> as single vocals or drum breaks.
> I'm sure the Audacity team would be interested to check out
> ClearScale - I'll cc this email to Dominic.
>> It should be announced on the LAD list where Stefan
>> can get more feedback and publicity.
> I've already suggested to Stephan that he does just that, because I
> agree this is something that people on the lists will be interested
> in.
> By the way, I just noticed that the number of subscribers to the users
> list has passed the number on the developers list for the first time
> - is this a sign of something? There's a graph at:
> http://www.linuxdj.com/audio/lad/subscribe.php3
> Cheers
> Daniel

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