[Consortium] Sounds Expo TODO list?

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Mon Feb 2 05:27:27 EST 2004

> Is there a todo list?

Writing a TODO list was on my other TODO list...

1. Flyers and posters
Chris's flyer looks promising, and - very importantly - cheap to print 
or photocopy. The rule of thumb I used to use was: less than 500 
copies, photocopy is cheaper. More than 1000 copies, litho is 

(For those who've never done any litho printing, short runs with 
multiple colours are relatively expensive but there are big economies 
of scale available. Single colour prints are cheapest because the 
paper only goes through the press once). 

Chris - I suspect with the numbers we'll need, litho will be a lot 
more cost effective than using your laser printer. They'll also do 
the chopping up for you. I'll chip in for the cost of printing 
because you're already paying for the extra electrical socket on the 

300gsm is overkill by the way - that's card, not paper. 120-160gsm 
would be quite thick paper. You'd get a choice of coated or uncoated 
stock - coated is the glossy stuff that kebab shop flyers and the 
like are printed on, while uncoated is similar to copier paper.

We can anticipate 2000+ show visitors per day, although not everyone 
will take a flyer of course. If we have a thousand or two left over, 
they can be used at Linux Expo and other events.

Posters are important, because otherwise the booth is going to look 
quite plain. (Only velcro attachment is allowed by the organisers, by 
the way). If there are good looking poster designs we can re-use, by 
all means let's go for those.

2. Paperwork
I now have the name badges and one car park pass. If you can't get 
into the venue on the day because of security, phone me on 0770 922 
9254 and I'll meet you at the door.

3. Furniture
Chris, are you still able to provide tables and chairs? Do you need me 
to get some tablecloths? If so, what are the dimensions of the table 
tops? Have we arranged transport for this furniture as yet?

4. Accommodation
Is there anyone that needs accommodation in London other than Steve 
and Damien? The nearby hotel charges per room, so it's half the price 
if people share twin rooms. I'm sure alternative offers of 
accommodation would be welcome.

5. Equipment security
The organisers will not take responsibility for equipment left on 
stands overnight. Secure storage costs extra (of course). We'll have 
to figure out a way that equipment can be secured overnight. 

If there's anything that I've failed to mention, please let me know.


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