[Consortium] T-shirts

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Mon Feb 2 05:52:22 EST 2004

> I seem to remember someone proposed to wear some kind on
> standardized T-Shirts at the GNU/Linux Audio Centre (Sounds Expo
> 2004).  Did you reach any definitive conclusion on it?

Having looked at the cost of providing 3x shirts for each person on 
the stand, I thought the money could be better spent elsewhere. I 
think flyers are much more important at this stage. As someone 
pointed out, event visitors will be absorbing a lot of information, 
and if they don't take a piece of paper home they will probably 
forget what they've seen.

I've been thinking about the overall look of the stand, and I don't 
believe that looking low-budget is actually a problem. We're not 
competing with the big names in the industry head-on, after all. 

They may have a stand which costs £50,000 and will be thrown away 
after three days, but the reason they have that money to waste is 
that they are levering proprietary lock-in. I'm not sure how well the 
heavy marketing approach goes down with musicians, anyway.



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