[Consortium] linux audio base djcj linux-sound apps and midi page etc...

Andrea Glorioso sama at agnula.org
Mon Feb 2 06:58:40 EST 2004

Marek Peteraj <marpet at naex.sk> writes:

>> Yes, this is nice, and I like, that every app has a screenshot or
>> icon. This would be nice for a linuxaudiobase.org as well. Paul's
>> design from 2002 looks dated now, I guess it was just meant as a
>> prototype anyway. 
>> RDF-ing the site would be a natural thing to do, IMO. Data storage
>> might still be done inside a db server, but at least an RDF for
>> syndication should be provided. Then the content could get
>> cross-promoted on djcj.org, linuxadudio.org and similar sites.
> The question is - why having dozens of sites with linuxaudio unrelated names
> such as djcj.org or linuxaudiobase.org if you can have all under linuxaudio.org?


> You can't have a better promotion than having a domain name with exactly that name -
> Linux Audio.

I thought this  was   precisely  the rationale   behind  the idea   of
providing subdomains of linuxaudio.org that could point to other pages
(I don't like to force anyone to use a name for their domain).



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