[Consortium] linux audio base djcj linux-sound apps and midi page etc...

Marek Peteraj marpet at naex.sk
Mon Feb 2 16:22:34 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 20:06, Andrea Glorioso wrote:
> Marek Peteraj <marpet at naex.sk> writes:
> > www.linuxaudio.org should be a website 
> >
> > where developers can find:
> > * a place for discussion - LAD
> > * news - projects, events, other developer community related stuff
> >   that's LAA redirected to front page.
> > * developer documentation
> > * their prefered project
> >
> > and where users can find:
> > * a place for discussion - LAU
> > * news - new applications and new versions of applications, community
> > news
> > * user documentation
> > * their prefered application
> I fail to see how my subdomain proposal fails to meet your requests.
> The only point I think we could disagree on is on what should appear
> on the main page (i.e. www.linuxaudio.org).

The main page should contain fresh developer and user oriented news, and
it should have a nice set of links with easy navigation so that it's
easy for everybody to get where he wants. It should be a starting point.

Regarding organisations - we should first exactly define what efforts
are needed to promote linux audio. The organisation should then support
those efforts, make them possible, in a *legal* sense, that's financing,
providing services, providing other support, accepting grants and
donations, negotiating etc. For that, it needs to be an organisation
which is governed by law. There are lots of legal issues involved.  Its
also important to keep the administration of such org to a minimum.
Not an easy task.


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